Ducky Derby 2023

The Windsor Rotary Club is hosting its Annual Ducky Derby! It will be held on August 26th.  The proceeds from this event will be donated to the Ludlow Rotary Club to be used to assist people and businesses in the Ludlow/Proctorsville area recovering from the recent flooding. The ducks will be released at noon on Mill Brook underneath the high bridges on Route 44! There will be hotdogs and refreshments during the race! Tickets are $5 per duck, $20 for a Quack Pack (5 ducks), and $50 for a Corporate Duck.  
First place is $200, Second place is $100, Third place is $75, and last place is $25!  The prize for a Corporate Duck is $50. 
Come on down and enjoy the fun! 
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Windsor VT Interact Ice Out!

Ice Out 50/50 raffle!! Sponsored by The Windsor Rotary Interact Club (Rotary International's service club for young people ages 12 to 18.)The Windsor Rotary Interact club with the assistance of the Windsor Fire Department Ice Rescue Team has placed an ice out monitor consisting of a platform, cement block and clock on Kennedy Pond. The goal is to estimate the date and time when the block on the monitor will drop through the melting ice this spring. (When the ice can no longer support the weight of the blocks, it will fall through the ice, which will disconnect the clock and mark the exact time.) Whoever guesses the closest date and time of the "ice out" will win 50% percent of the cash collected through ticket sales.  Windsor's Ice Out tickets are available through the Windsor Rec. MyRec system (credit card payments accepted, and paper tickets through Windsor Rotary and Interact Members! Tickets cost $5. 
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October Community Meal

The Windsor Rotary Club enjoyed assisting with the weekly Community Meal this past Wednesday, October 31st.  Several members and guests wore their Halloween best! About 40 meals were served consisting of a wide range of pot luck items prepared by the members.
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October mixer

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The October Windsor Community Mixer featured a presentation by Dr. Dan Caloras of the Charlestown, NH club on their efforts in Cambodia
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Windsor Rotarians put their backs into "Dump Day"

Posted on Oct 20, 2018
Windsor – The Windsor Rotary Club helped town residents get their junk to the dump by providing personalized pick up service for those who did not have the means to get their items to the October Windsor “Dump Day”
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