Ice Out 50/50 raffle!! Sponsored by The Windsor Rotary Interact Club (Rotary International's service club for young people ages 12 to 18.)The Windsor Rotary Interact club with the assistance of the Windsor Fire Department Ice Rescue Team has placed an ice out monitor consisting of a platform, cement block and clock on Kennedy Pond. The goal is to estimate the date and time when the block on the monitor will drop through the melting ice this spring. (When the ice can no longer support the weight of the blocks, it will fall through the ice, which will disconnect the clock and mark the exact time.) Whoever guesses the closest date and time of the "ice out" will win 50% percent of the cash collected through ticket sales.  Windsor's Ice Out tickets are available through the Windsor Rec. MyRec system (credit card payments accepted, and paper tickets through Windsor Rotary and Interact Members! Tickets cost $5. 
A newly formed Windsor High School “Interact” Club is partnering with the Windsor Rotary Club to establish an annual fundraiser for their club and the community. The club is formed along the Rotary motto of “service above self” to have the students actively engage using their unique talents to serve the community. 
Their first fundraiser is an annual “Ice Out” contest that will sell chances to record the exact date and time the ice will go out on Kennedy’s Pond.(Kennedy’s Pond web page will be used for instructions, questions and answers also).  The student industrial arts class teacher Aaron Day had his class build the device that will be placed on the ice by the Windsor Fire Dept Ice Rescue team and members of the Interac club and Rotary Club.  The device has an electric clock plugged into a cord secured to a cement block.  When the block falls through  the ice it breaks the electrical connection and the clock stops. The official time is recorded and the person who came closest to the exact time receives one half of the money collected.  If there were more than one with the exact guess(to the second) than the names would be put in a hat and one winner drawn.  The funds remaining would be directed to the community by the student Interact club and Rotary Club.
The club will create an “Ice Out” data file that will report the exact time that the ice departed each year. Their own record of climate change, how much was raised, to what purpose, and students in the club.  The students have created advertising posters and tickets.  The Town Manager has had an electronic accounting system created to accept on line entries.