3rd Annual Ducky Derby! 
The Local Windsor Rotary Club had a blast at the 3rd annual Ducky Derby.  Around 700 Rubber Ducks were dumped off of the Route 44 Bridge and floated thier way down towards the finishing! Windsor School District's Interim Superintendent, Christine Bourne who is one of our newest members, dressed up in a duck suit along with Rotary Interact Rep Hudson Ranney and "quacked" at the cars passing by too stop for a hotdog and to watch the duck race! Many members including Rick Tillson and Tracy Kelly were going along the river to push the ducks down as they get stuck. At the finish line, longtime club member and Ducky Derby Commitee Chairperson, Jon Springer and the district Governor Randall Berkley were catching ducks and picking them up. Other members cooking hotdogs for the people who came too watch included Bill  Hochstin and Sharlene McEachern. Thank you all for who came out and supported our derby!